Summer pics

It’s been a golden summer; something to do with the weather, something about being in the house. Here are some pics.




sunflower head




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Rush hour in Golden Bay

GB rush hour

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December 19, 2012 · 7:46 pm

Rainbow house


Spring in New Zealand is stormy and we’ve had lots of rain and wind lately. Our neighbour Jock took this photo of our house, from the road. Now that the house is mostly finished, our focus has turned back to the garden and I’m remembering why we’re here – to grow our own food and be content. Which I would be if the wind would stop blowing!

Here’s Mike enjoying having his chair out of storage.


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Finally, moved in pics




Dining, living room





We moved in last month and the weeks have flown by. Getting used to a larger space than we’ve had before is taking a while and there are still jobs to do before we can say the house is finished. But it’s sunny and warm, spacious and well-designed. And there’s much to be done outside, when it stops raining, new gardens to make not to mention planting to be done for the summer crops. It’s nice to have time to focus on that again, which is why we’re here after all.




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Almost there

A rare sunny day

It’s so close we can almost taste it – moving in day is in about 2 weeks. Or more. There are a few minor things left to do, and one major one – the kitchen. But it’s looking promising for us to be in by the end of the month.

Late afternoon sunshine in late winter.


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How we’ll keep warm next winter

Beside a well-insulated, double-glazed house, this will be our heat source as well as a new cooking adventure for me.


The glasshouse is glazed now and is very warm.


And here’s an idea of the paint colour on the block wall. It’s a lovely yellowy-cream that brings out the wooden ceiling really well.

Wall colour.




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1 July

There’s been much done on the house in June, mostly visible inside. But last week, after a spell of bad weather that caused delays, ┬áthe plates for the solar hot water and the chimney flue were installed on the roof. The glasshouse structure is in place, waiting for the glass to be installed on a good day.

Inside, the plastering and gib-stopping is done and the painting will begin today. It’s odd walking around inside as what will be our living space starts taking shape. There are beautiful abstract shapes and shadows, muted greys and white.

1 July


Ready for painting

Late afternoon

Abstract 2


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